Design & Effect

The Art & Science of Illumination

Our perfectly balanced lighting systems are designed to illuminate and accent key areas of your property. The full effect is brought to focus when professional lighting techniques and choices are harmonized with the architecture of the property and its natural surroundings. Without giving away the secrets of the INTEGRA touch, we invite you to gaze into the world as we see it, through a demonstration of our lighting design techniques and effects.

Define the Space


Create direction and highlight the elements of the property you love. Guide the use and purpose of your outdoor space, the focus of attention and establish unique areas of leisure and practicality on your property.

Delineation expands your outdoor space. Using bordering techniques by way of small inconspicuous fixtures, we illuminate specific areas and cultivate a cozy, comfortable atmosphere. As experts in lighting design, we use this technique to establish the harmony of your property with its natural surroundings.

Authentic Muskoka


Recreate the ambiance of natural moonlight on your property. The crown jewel of Muskoka lighting, this technique presents the opportunity to establish a natural glow on your landscape.

Moonlighting subtly expands the space of your property with natural light reminiscent of a full moon. This atmospheric method creates an evocative effect and provides securely lit paths on your property. The dramatic result emphasizes the areas of your property that deserve attention.


Spark Imagination with Gentle


Softly illuminate elements of your home’s exterior. We use this technique to cultivate the overall mood lighting of your landscape. Creating a subtle wash of light establishes a backdrop to the distinctive elements of your home’s architecture and the natural beauty of the landscape.

Grazing is also used to delicately feature focal points that incite interest and intrigue. An interpretive artform, grazing leaves room for imagination, while still guiding the direction and flow of the space.

Create Focal Points


Showcase your favourite property features. Creating a multidimensional effect on your property, we apply the appropriate amount of light and correct focus to make elements like trees, signage and statues stand out.

Highlighting identifies focal points that balance your overall lighting design. We incorporate your vision and provide expert guidance on property feature selection.

Enhance the Beaten Path


Traverse your property with confidence. We customize your property with an inspired selection of fixtures that fit perfectly into the topography of your landscape.

Using methods of area and directional pathlighting, we choose the precise areas that require light to ensure your safety at night. Our ergonomic expertise allows us to install efficient lighting systems on challenging landscapes to create beautiful, coherent lighting that improves the original architecture of your home and property.

Enjoy the Full Effect of Your Property

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